Year 23 Oracle of Aset, spoken at Aset Luminous, July 2015

Year 23 Oracle of Aset, spoken at Aset Luminous, July 2015

Arise; you have been awakened. Arise; you have been prepared.

You have passed the place of judgment. You have passed the place of ignorance.
You have passed.

The flood rises. The sun rises. A year passes, and a new year is born.

The throne is established. Your foundation is established. This is as I provided for it to be. Do not lament your building, nor long for the joy of that building. That year is not now. That year is placed at the foot of the throne, under the feet of He Who is crowned with the flood and the sun.

His Majesty, Himself, uniter and avenger, shines from the Two Crowns.
His Majesty, Herself, defender and helper, shines from the Two Crowns.
I, Aset, Great of Heka, Mother of God, have established My Son upon His Throne.
His Majesty Who places Ma’at on Her Throne, is placed once more on His throne.
Heru of the Living; Heru, Avenger of His Father;
Heru, the son of Wesir and Aset.

After disorder, there is order. After sadness, there is joy. After violence, there is peace. After work, there is rest. After the year of beginning, there is the year of continuing what you have begun. My Son offers strength and power to those who accept the task.

Zep Tepi sits on the foundation of what was built before. It attains its place in Ma’at, guided by Two Crowns. Strength and power are yours, but you must be worthy of them both. Be worthy, and be given His protection. Dare you attain that which is permitted for you to attain? Or will you sit in your fear and let it pass you? Dare you speak Ma’at where it is needed? Or will you close your mouth and make Her wait?

I say to you that this is the year where you need to be strong, not only for yourselves, but also for those who cannot be strong. Your strength is not only for yourselves. Your weakness is everyone’s weakness. Will you be strong together or will you be weak together? Will you lift each other up or push each other aside? My Son comes with Zep Tepi. He comes to bring you strength and to bring you help, but you will have to use these gifts for them to have any worth at all.

May you use your gifts wisely.