Submission and Recruitment Policies

The Basics

At present, does not accept open submissions or applications for positions on the site’s growing polytheist team of columnists. Individual team members are selected from a diverse assemblage of communities, traditions, lineages and religious bodies based upon observation, referral, and divination. While we are eager to see the traditions, viewpoints, methodologies and demographics represented on our platform continue to expand, we are interested primarily in a slow-and-steady model of growth focused on cultivating quality over quantity.

New team members are approached by the site administration after careful consideration and discussion with advisory members, and consultation with the gods and ancestors. An invitation for recruitment into the site’s diverse and talented team may be standing and extended (especially in the case of guest contributors and irregular writers or journalists), or short-term and time-sensitive (especially in the case of regular columnists). We encourage systems of peer referral and listen to what others have to say about a writer or polytheist voice, and place high value on these. Our reasons for this present approach are varied, but include a focus on keeping our voices diverse, drawing both from well-known talent and newer writers, and more. This is not a popularity contest, and a lack of invitation should not in any way suggest a lack of regard for any individual writer or perspective. Sometimes the gods themselves shape our decisions against other considerations, when it comes to who will or will not be approached, and in these instances we may or may not be given to know “why”.

Becoming Involved

If you or somebody you know would like be involved with as more than just a reader, it is easy to become connected and engaged through commenting on the site or through social media. As we are an organization and platform committed to both community representation and inter-faith cohesion and support, demonstrating community involvement and respectful dialog in our public platforms is a very good way to gain visibility and inclusive respect. Our above-stated policies of recruitment and submissions still holding, we place a high value on demonstrated interpersonal communication, and expansive writing ability that brings unique views and voice both to important “hot” topics as well as under-discussed or overlooked considerations. This platform exists not only to give voices to our formal team of writers and contributors, but also to the communities of readers and responders. is dedicated to being a safe place for discussing polytheist religious ideas, theologies, practices, problems, and community connections. Your involvement at any level, as readers, commenters or writers, is appreciated and considered invaluable to our collective aims.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Rights and Permissions retains the right to host and archive columnist and contributor writings online indefinitely, unless requested by the authors to remove or modify them. Authors retain ultimate ownership and copyright control of their works, which are used here with permission. Any subsequent publication in compilation or anthology form (such as annual or quarterly collections, themed specials, or the like) will require individual approval on an item-by-item basis by the author, and publication at does not guarantee inclusion in in-print collections, nor is author approval for such inclusion compulsory.

Authors featured on the site or in any printed material are required to maintain their own standards of editing and copyright honoring, and are held as solely responsible for their works. It is not the responsibility of to investigate issues of property rights or ownership of material. All material submitted by our recruited team-members is required to be their original work, or work included with appropriate licensing and attribution (in cases such as quoted material, images, etc) and holds no responsibility for any violations of this, which will be assumed as unintentional if they arise, and afforded appropriate measures to correct.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of online hosted content without express and written permission from the content’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the author, with appropriate and specific direction to the original source at

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  1. This site is such an inspiration! It would be great to see some Theodish perspectives here. I say that as someone who is not a Theodsman, but their efforts have been integral to my journey into devotional polytheism. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!