Week Two

Week Two

Welcome to the second installment of the Weekly Gimbal!

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Our oracular corvid-columnist has had a busy week, so this week’s bibliomantic reading was delayed by a day or two — he’d be very sorry, if he wasn’t currently eating the flesh of a cow, full of delight. And cow.

He was excited by how positively his debut was received (and he listened intently to all pertinent commentary, private and otherwise, sent in, although he would have preferred to hear from more of the community’s insights around the previous reading. Gimbal is very big on community and group doings, and invites the circle of listeners and readers to share their own thoughts about what he has read for us.)

This week’s divination is drawn from a profound work of formative psychology, an important text on social theory, a collection of classic fiction, and a book of philosophy originally written in Koine Greek.

Oh, damn you, how I love the sight of you— 

you, who fed at once. That is, do not let 

your thoughts range over devouring the 

food placed before him by the trembling, 

must I finally harbor this unsaved soul in myself? 

And is it this nothing to wonder at: 

even the sun-god himself will, 

with love, fear, contempt, and hate… 

and don’t let her out of your sight.

Another stoic concept which furnished 

inspiration to the thought not in substance, 

yet in form, the struggle as it is able to solve, 

since closer examination will always show 

that the problem rose to a maddened scream, 

and he charged.


Possible interpretation: 

This week, be mindful to differentiate your needs from your wants, for both are indeed hungers and a yearning for either can be good and pure, however there is also the risk of mistaking one for the other and driving headlong into a miasmic state requiring cleansing. In fact, regardless, you will probably want to do some extra spiritual cleansings of your self and your space, this week.

Even in the illumination of the day-lit solar powers, do not take for granted that which you may think you perceive: focus clearly on discerning what is, from what may be, as one may hide within its mirrored polarity.

In these parallax states, where one thing folds around another in misdirective concealing embrace, resolution may be a tense gamble: do not lose yourself to the task, or else you will be taken with fury at the all of it.

Gimbal Week 2 Image

Please share your own thoughts, musings, interpretations or relevant connections to the above message in the comments below; Gimbal would love to hear them. Next week he will include his own interpretation.

Gimbal’s own interpretation of last week’s oracle is this:


“i88ih8ii87huhi  ‘;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;llł./”


Tune in next week, for a different form of divination, and more pictures of the corvidiomancer himself!

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  1. This message is very striking. It reads to me as being about how we can be misled by our petty hungers and wants. That what we crave is often the reflection of displacement of life force by fear or emotional complexes. The displaced life force is entangled and unavailable to us, so we feel it as an inchoate hunger and seek to fill that with things that never satisfy. In other words, this is the inner shape of consumer culture in a nutshell.

    There are some interesting coded hints in here too. One is that even the Gods can’t save you from this – which I think is very true. It requires inner work and spiritual discipline.

  2. This is so germane to me this week; my thanks to Gimbal! My interpretation:
    Over-thinking things will only lead to paralysis and agony. The only way out is through — charge ahead with my mind firmly fixed on my goal and that which (and they whom) I love, and get to the other side of this mess with my sanity and dignity mostly intact.

  3. “must I finally harbor this unsaved soul in myself?”

    Give Gimbal my personal thanks would you? And tell him I will be doing all my untying and unmaking with precision and fineness instead of bruit strength this week 😉

  4. This is… amusingly spot on for my week. All hail Gimbal the Oracular Raven! <3

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