Updates! New site design, and call for submissions!

Updates! New site design, and call for submissions!

June 23, 2015:

Welcome to the new face of Polytheist.com, rebuilt and relaunched with a new engine under the hood and a more stable hosting environment. It’s an bustling week here, with new content and all kinds of exciting updates! Follow us on Facebook for the most recent of everything, or subscribe to our RSS feed!


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! As a new feature with the site, four times a year — Solstices and Equinoxes — Polytheist.com will launch an open call for submissions from our communities.

What we are looking for is proposals for articles or essays on subjects, topics, perspectives or challenges related to living and practicing Polytheist religions and spiritual traditions today. These will be reviewed and the selected proposals will have a deadline worked out with the author, for inclusion in our Featured Voices track on the site (which will gain increasing focus and centrality on the site).

There is room for some Featured Voices guest writers to shift over into a regular column track, but to start, one-off articles is the way to go. The intent here is to break out of the echo-chamber that sometimes takes hold with online media in niche communities: it’s sort of like open-mic night, except still regulated in a minimal way behind the scenes to ensure continuity of quality in the content put forth. Please message our Facebook Page or email us directly (polytheist.com at gmail dot com) for instructions on how to submit a proposal! Many blessings and much respect to all in our communities.

Please stay tuned later this week for more updates, new articles, and more!

It is a damn good time to be a Polytheist!


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  1. I am glad to see this development.

    Nice new site design, as well.