Updates! New multi-author column announced

Updates! New multi-author column announced

Our third announcement of the week! Polytheist.com will soon feature a new multi-author column that will be unveiled later this season, showcasing entirely anonymous authors, sharing personal and informal accounts of liminal, ritual, magical and ecstatic experiences within their pursuits as Polytheists.

This track shall hold accounts of profound or terrifying or tragic or awakening moments as experienced directly by the writers, without the weight of being identified by name. Names are powerful things, which can — if known and respected, or carried with infamy on whispered lips, occasionally shape and influence how a piece is read. Similarly, some people whose names are not known might find themselves intimidated by the idea of sharing these most personal of accounts, asking themselves why anyone would value what they have to say?

There are many places where big names carry a lot of weight, and there are even more places where writers can make names for themselves: but this new column will be a place for no names at all, where all of the baggage of those things is stripped away and hung up on entry for sacred sharing in the dark sacredness of nameless anonymity.

There will be an honor system here, for better or worst: this is a place for truth, and for trust. The intent will be to provide a safe and anonymous place for authors to write personal accounts of transformative, ecstatic, divine, or worshipful experiences as a 21st century Polytheist, in connection with the many gods in any one of the MANY ways that these relationships unfold. Not everyone is a spirit-worker, or has a “god-phone”, but everyone has experiences, and these are sacred and valuable.

These experiences of our gods and of our spirits, or of our shifting and awakening awareness of them in all of their fullness and richness, distinct from one another and from ourselves and from this world, and yet in constant steady relationship with it all… these are the things which define us as Polytheists. This will be a place to share these experiences, in a setting where others might gain inspiration, growth, or insights from them… where others can relate to them, or find relationship through them.

The anonymity of the authors will be absolute between each of them and the single editorial person, and retained in private records for the sole purpose of author’s retaining their rights to the work (in the event that they would like to see them printed elsewhere down the way and the like).

Please stay tuned for more updates on this new sub-project, and feel free to contact us privately on FaceBook or email directly (polytheist.com at gmail dot com) for instructions on how the submissions process will work, with the subject “Anonymous Submissions”.

Thank you, and have a blessed day!

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