About Polytheist.com

“It is a damn fine time to be a Polytheist.”

For some time, many Polytheists have been seeking a place for discussing their religions, their divine relations, and their living lineages in such a way that effectively maximizes the vastness of the all-connecting technologies of the internet age to reach out to and commune with other like-minded and like-religioned groups and individuals, without inviting the targeting and resistance often experienced in spaces not dedicated to this specific aim.

“Poly- means many!”

There are a lot of ways to define a lot of things. Language is fun and nuanced and very easily lends itself to intentional (or accidental or completely necessary) reinterpretation or subjectively poetic licensing. Some things, however, need to have their meanings intensely guarded, in order to maintain the integral essence carried within. Polytheism is one such word, and the vastness of that which this word describes is deserving of its own space to be explored, examined, discussed, revered, and celebrated in our communities, in our organizations, in our regional cultic practices, and in our private and shared public devotions to the gods and goddesses, spirits and the blessed dead who make up our traditions and religions. In a “manifold” universe populated by myriad entities, autonomies, consciousnesses and willed layers-upon-layers of complex relations, animist sensibilities, and at times adamantly ancestral engagements, it is important to not only acknowledge the many gods and goddesses and Their sacred agency, but also the agency of the many cultic communities, devotional disciplines and worshipful fellowships, war-bands, sects and circles. We are not all of us called by the same gods or to the same task, but for those who place central life importance in answering, navigating, and honoring the very state of being called by Them in the first place, this place is for you. Safe. Protected. Dedicated.

“Being a Polytheist is about intentionally navigating,
embracing, and living hospitality and relationship”

And so as host I say, it will be my honor to make you — each of you — welcome. And it will be your responsibility as guest in this house to maintain that welcome, the trust of that relationship, and those brought in with you or forged newly within this venture. In this place, in this hall, in this ongoing conversation… these channels and currents of dialog and discourse, of sharing and of sacred learning and blessed receiving, we will show each other and the very gods Themselves that we are capable and competent enough to do the Work set before us, as laity and leaders, as clergy and diviners, as philosophers and filid, theologians and eschatologists. As guests, and as hosts, and most of all as devotees of many gods, we will do this thing. Together. I look forward to seeing you all later this year.



  1. Looking forward to site

  2. Can not wait for the launch of this site.

  3. When is the great reveal?

  4. Can’t wait hopefully this will live up to high expectations.. The polytheistic community needs a good site, hopefully this can deliver.
    Gods Bless you all.

  5. After hearing about some of the problems of polytheists and misunderstanding of polytheism by other Pagans, Including my own Wiccan community, on The Wild Hunt, and then on a few of the individual Polytheist blogs I am glad to see another place for Polytheists and where some of the rest of us can learn more about what we have been ignorant of. Communications is the basis of understanding and respect. Thank you for creating this space.

  6. I’m looking forward to reading here from several wonderful people I see already on the author’s list. This is Awesome!

  7. Thank you for this. It’s needed.