The Dionysian Artist

The Dionysian Artist

The Dionysian Artist
The Dionysian Artist

Markos Gage Δ (The Dionysian Artist) – Australia devotee and initiate of Dionysos – Artist and writer.
[Formerly known as The Gargarean].

Fearful Presumptions by the Pan-Pagan-Community on Animal sacrifice

As a result of a pan community debate there are some ill-conceived fearful assumptions about animal sacrifice which need to be addressed. I want to focus on two:   1. A presumption that public relations will be harmed in regards to paganism. I hate to break this to you, but the public already think we’re freaks. Most acknowledge this and call for education to the public, but I don’t agree. Despite what the public thinks…


Animal sacrifice is a big issue in modern polytheistic and monotheistic faiths. The issue of if we have a right to kill an animal in the name of our god / gods. I believe this issue is way too complicated for me to express in a simple essay. No, something like a book would be fitting: exploring the history, social development, culture, theology, needs for survival, modern developments and philosophical decadence we are privileged to in…

Frustrations and Identity

I discussed some of my frustrations of being a polytheist ‘down under’ in my introduction post, but I’d like to continue that theme in this. I identify foremost with Hellenic Polytheism, I put particular empathise on classical age Athens, but in the last year I’ve been exploring other Hellenic regions, dates and cults for a basis of my personal practice. But there is a dilemma. Regardless of where I look my faith is based on…

The Gargarean

Not to sound too much like an arse licker but I was honoured when I was invited to contribute a monthly column to this project. Polytheism is something that is deeply important to me, but also something that I’ve been a bit of an outsider of. Given that this is my first post I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself, while also deal with some issues I face as a Hellenic polytheist. I…