We See

Polytheist.com stands with all groups, especially Black American communities, who face social oppression, systemic threat, and militarized harm directed daily at their communities.

As a (new) international organization dedicated to providing SAFE and PROTECTED platforms for DIVERSE voices in Polytheist religions from around this nation and the world, we stand firmly on the side of a future CHANGED and PROGRESSED in issues of social, racial, sexual, gender, and economic based violence, prejudice, and the corrupt use of privilege. As an organization dedicated to hospitality and meant to be open to a diverse set of voices that must be heard, so too do we use our ears to listen, and our eyes to see.

We see the harm.

We see the fear and the hatred.

We see the injustice.

Together, we stand for something better, and a future that honors justice, and names courageously while standing fiercely against the tides of corruption and racist injustice.

As an organization we stand with all of our friends and family who daily face the weight of these violent and systemic injustices, and the crushing and very real threat of the same, in ways that could not fathomably be wished upon even the worst of enemies.

This is an organization — a promise — that is built upon a principle of modeled hospitality, alliance, and diverse partnership in facing down adversity in a manner collectively called to actions of defiant, passioned and righteous change.

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  1. Hail!