1. Meaning of Name: Not known. Olmstead tentatively suggests “supporter”.1
2. Pronunciation: AWG-myaws.
3. Other Names and Epithets: None
4. Interpretatio Romana: Hercules.2
5. Irish Equivalent: Oghma.3
6. Indo-European Equivalent: None. Note that the common Neopagan identification of Oghma and Ogmios with the Vedic Fire God Agni has no scholarly support of which I am aware.
7. Realm: Andernados/Under World God
8. Iconography: The Roman poet describes Hercules depicted in Gaul with his Classical lion skin and club, but as an old man drawing behind him a band of men attached to him by thin, gold chains linking their ears with his tongue.4
9. Significance: Ogmios is the God of Eloquence, but also of strength, a deity patronizing both intellectual and physical pursuits. He is, however, a deity often invoked in Gallo-Roman cursing tablets, which make clear that He was a servant of the Chthonic Gods, with a dark and dangerous aspect.5

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  1. Lucian of Samosata, after seeing an image of Ogmios in Gallia Narbonensis, compared him to Heracles with the classic attributes of a a psychopomp. One of the lead curse tablets from Bregenz links him to Dis Pater; the other the god of death and the underworld.